Classes for Adults

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Hosted on SKILLSHARE this class is designed to guide you through the process of planning and creating delicate bird sculptures using paper mache. Get two months of free skillshare by using my link and get started today!


Looking for someone to host your next paint night online? Pick a painting and then gather your friends and start up your favourite online conference software and let’s step by step through this relaxing social paint night. Sometimes you need a little help to keep your paintbrush on track.

Pencil Portraits

Practicing Pencil Portraits from Reference Photos

Hosted online, live, this class is available for small groups of 5. Sign up your small group together for a discount. Class runs approximately 90 minutes.
Using a reference photo of your choosing we will look at portrait sketching, proportions, shading techniques, light source, and value. The fundamentals of portraiture will include a look at landmarking, likeness, and exaggeration.


In this flexible schedule drawing class learners will have access to weekly materials including teacher videos and demonstrations, reference and materials lists, work sheets, and reference images. Learners can work from provided images or their own reference. Learners can expect materials to be released weekly and should expect assignments based on the learning of the week to be completed in order to successfully progress through the course material. This class will contain high involvement from the teacher and participation in class assignments and discussions with the teacher and peers is vital to success. Learners should be prepared to offer thoughts and ideas about the techniques being discussed as they are shared to the classroom. The teacher will guide learners through the steps for offering art critique and peer critique will be a part of weekly participation. No live meetings will be scheduled but may occur if one or more student would benefit from clarity and demonstration that a live meeting would best communicate.

In this class learners will work through gathering reference, observations, and critical analysis for drawing.
In WEEK ONE we will work on sketches, proportions, and composition.
During WEEK TWO and THREE, we will add colour to our pieces and will touch on colour theory, value, and light source. We will render our drawings and explore blending and detailing.
During WEEK FOUR learners will finalize details of their work, look at ways to finish, protect, and display their portraits


Plan, design, and create personalized rubber stamps for use in patterns, bullet journals, notebooks, and so much more. We will use drawing skills and apply them to our designs, transfer our designs to rubber block, and lino cut our designs. Finally, we will then apply our stamps to practical applications and go over longevity and care. Learners will share each stage of their process for brainstorming and feedback. Learners should expect to participate in technique explorations and respond to discussion prompts and fill out polls and a safety review quiz.
Our learning flow will look like:
Week 1: Brainstorming, sketching, design
Week 2: Drawing, transferring, lino cut techniques
Week 3: Trouble shooting, stamping, applications
Week 4: Practical application, solidifying, care and storage.
This class is best suited to learners who are looking for an introduction to linocut techniques and have a keen interest in drawing or logo design.