Ages 3-5

Start with Art: Alphabet Club

In this ongoing drawing class for PreK and Kinder aged learners will explore colour, shape, and drawing as we make our way through the alphabet.

In this ongoing drawing club PreK and Kinder aged learners will be guided through drawing and colouring exercises corresponding with a letter of the alphabet. We will use art language identifying shapes, types of lines, and colour. This class will meet once per week and work towards 26 sheets that can be collected in a binder to create your very own alphabet book. Jump in to this class just once or join us for all 26 letters!


Start With Art: Story Time

Join me for this one time class in which learners and parents together, will create a drawing of their most memorable moments from story time.

In this class we will begin with a brief story time. We will then discuss some of our favorite moments from the story and how the illustrator was able to use drawings to show that. We will discuss colors and shapes and scale. I will demonstrate combining these elements in drawing. Students will then spend time creating their own drawings inspired by the story. We will complete by sharing our work and talk briefly about what we made together. Parents will be encouraged to participate with learners. No homework will be assigned and no previous experience is required.
Story time books for APRIL
April 20 – Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle
April 21 – But Not The Armadillo by Sandra Boynton
April 27 – The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
April 28 – Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault

Looking for your favorite book to be read during our Story Time? Feel free to PM with requests. (Serious inquires only please).

Sight and Sound: Painting to Music

In this one time live painting class we will practice and label various ways to use our paintbrush and discover how music affects how we use those marks..

Live with the instructor, learners and caregivers together will use paint to explore music and emotion in this one time sight and sound class. Learners will be introduced to words like bursh stroke, dab, line, swirl, zig zag, and tempo. Learners will first be introduced to these elements separately and then we will combine these elements as we listen to different pieces of music. This sensory activity is exploratory and while ‘finished’ art work is a nice outcome, it will not be our focus.


Nature Tells A Story : Flex

Inspired by nature, learners collect natural elements and design an original illustration that tells a story.

In this four week flexible schedule class, learners (with their caregivers) will collect natural elements to be used in an original illustration. A collection of found leaves, flowers, twigs, and sands are a great way to start talking about shapes and textures, colors and forms. Through recorded videos, classroom discussion and feedback, as well as resources such worksheets and project sheets, learners will be guided through a series of exercises designed to help lead creative thinking and exploration to an original illustration and a (brief) story to tell. Learners will be given three tasks over four weeks and will be asked to share their progress and findings in the classroom discussion and thoughtfully comment on the findings of others.
Each week learners will be expected to check the classroom for the next step, instructions, samples, videos and/or handouts. This material can be viewed together, as your schedule allows. Learners will be marked complete or incomplete each week based on participation in the classroom.
The teacher will monitor classroom progress daily and be available to answer questions. No live class is scheduled but may happen if one or more learner would benefit from extended learning.
Week one will cover habitat and elements of nature/environment
Week two will cover design and inspiration, sketching and space
Week three will cover collection, pressing, shapes, color, and texture.
Week four will cover combining elements, tools, application, adjusting design, and finished product. Skills summary will be available to caregivers upon course completion. Caregivers and learners should expect to post photos, participate in discussions, and watch videos in the classroom.
Teacher participation will be high and encouraging and include video demonstrations, instruction, response, and examples.
**This program would pair well with hike groups and other learning groups such as free forest school.**


Start With Art: This Is Me!

In this one time live drawing class, learners will talk about the parts of the face and learn all about drawing self portraits.

In this one time preschool/kinder level art class, learners will be introduced to the art concept of self portraits. The teacher will begin with a greeting and a song, followed by identifying the parts of the face. The teacher will show examples of self portraits by famous artists before introducing some tools for drawing (like shapes and lines!). As a class we will then work together to combine shapes and lines and colour to create a representation of our own selves. Learners will have view of the teacher’s face and the art table so that everyone can work together. In this class we are co-learners and we work through the materials together, we encourage one another, and we share our progress and discoveries. Learners will not be muted as a default but encouraged to ask questions and speak with one another. The teacher may mute if there is disruptive background noise or if the group could use some extra guidance in taking turns to speak and share. Each learner will have an opportunity to show their work to their classmates before class ends.


Art Show (And Tell) P/K

in this one time live class learners will be joined by the teacher and their peers for an opportunity to show art work they have created in the preceding week.

Do you have a budding artist who makes tons of art? Is there more art than room on your walls? In this one time live class learners will be guided through an online art show and tell. This is an opportunity for your artist to begin to curate their work and revisit pieces made in the week preceding class. Learners will take turns to show and discuss their work and will be prompted by questions about materials and subject. This class will focus on sharing, artistic language, and building confidence.