With a focus on traditional media, old and new art techniques and a core understanding of the principals and elements of art and design, I strive to give learners the tools they need to not only be successful artists but to facilitate the ability to apply those tools to creative thinking and discovery outside the classroom. In this classroom we are co-learners and we explore the course material together.

As an illustration graduate and published children’s book illustrator, I have been very fortunate to have a creative career including work in graphic design, sculpture fabrication, freelance illustration and portrait artist, fine artist with work in art shows and competitions, AND art instructor for both children and adults in private studios, homes, community centers, and classrooms.

Fun facts: I have lived in two countries, four states, one province, and ten cities!
I am a mom to two young boys who are not yet old enough for school but have an endless supply of crayons and paint.

Welcome to my classroom! I look forward to learning with you.

Artist Website: www.sharonross.org

What People are saying

Julie A.on Aug 19 about Let’s Create: An Inspiration Journal JR (FLEX)

This is an excellent class for getting started in creating an inspiration journal. Ms. Sharon gave lots of great instruction and inspiration to get our learner working in her journal. The exercises assigned were simple and fun. My 7 year old daughter loved getting video replies from Ms. Sharon in response to her posts. Teacher's style was relaxed and relatable and worked well for us!

Heather L.on Aug 19 about Cartoon Me: Watercolor Portraits

Great class. My daughter enjoyed and has signed up for another class already!

Elizabeth A.on Aug 19 about Art Supply Improv (JR)

My daughter loves this class so much that she counts down the days until her next meeting.  Thank you for being such a welcoming and kind teacher!  

Marie on Aug 19 about Faces, Hands, and Feet! Drawing People: Flex

My daughter enjoyed this class and is looking forward to taking another one. The weekly assignments and recorded lessons worked well. She was able to replay videos for reinforcement or clarification and ask the instructor questions via the website.

An Outschool parenton Aug 17 about Art Supply Improv (JR)

My 8-year-old enjoyed exploring and experimenting with different media. The teacher was calm and engaging. My son loves to learn as he creates, so this was perfect for him!

An Outschool parenton Jul 23 about Learn to Draw your Dungeons & Dragons Character

This was a great experience, I learned a lot from this class and my teacher was so nice! She was also helpful and very open to different techniques! I just think it could have been a tad bit longer, but otherwise, this was one of the best OutSchool classes I’ve had yet!

Angela P.on Jul 10 about Learn to Draw your Dungeons & Dragons Character

Sharon was wonderful with the kids- Ethan loves his results. She made herself available outside of the allotted hours in-class to give advice or look at his work. Would totally recommend and take another class.

Tesha P.on Jul 8 about Nature Tells A Story : Flex

This is a great class and I loved that each week we got outside in nature! The classroom has tons of interaction and the projects were really fun for Alex!

Marci L.on Jul 6 about Nature Tells A Story : Flex

My son loved this class.  I enjoyed helping him with it and we are both a bit sad it's over.  The teacher is very kind and very encouraging.  You can tell the teacher is very compassionate about teaching and cares about her students.  My son spent a lot of time exploring and collecting items from outside and made a masterpiece at the end with his own story.

Marcia M.on Jun 24 about Faces, Hands, and Feet! Drawing People: Flex

Sharon's commitment to offering feedback for her students is truly amazing!!! She gave such thorough and precise feedback. My daughter not only learned from the video lessons, but she learned a tremendous amount from the very specific personal feedback.

Staci on Jun 18 about Faces, Hands, and Feet! Drawing People: Flex

Great class!  Really helped my daughter get better at these tough body parts to draw!  Thank you!  Sharon was very supportive when my daughter had some tech issues and questions. 

Danielle G.on Jun 17 about Paint with Me: Beautiful Botanicals

An exciting experience with two sessions. In the first session you learn different techniques and pick your flower, and the second class you paint your flower. It was really fun, and the result was really great, she is a really great teacher.

Erin M.on Jun 8 about Feet First! Starting Your Sketchbook

My 13 year old art loving daughter found this to be an excellent class. She liked the way that Ms Ross talked through the process of everything she did. My daughter found that the class to be fast paced- it forced her to draw quickly, which is the point of these exercises (I believe). They covered everything in the description of the class: Contour Drawing, Blind Contour, Thumbnails & Gesture. She was surprised at how well the last exercise of blind contour turned out (the horse pic), because she followed the directions and didn't once look down at what she was drawing. She hopes she can take more classes with Ms Ross. {Side note:  think a 4 part series expanding the techniques covered would be a cool idea} 

Tim N.on May 26 about Charming Charcoal Portraits

Ms. Ross was very patient and helpful.

Wendy S.on May 25 about Paint with Me: Beautiful Botanicals

Wonderful class, even better than what I imagined. She had the kids make color charts and tonal scales before creating their work. It was like having 2 classes the first day. Ms Ross is very nice so my daughter didn’t feel to overwhelmed by all the information. She did have to complete her work as homework before the next class. They learned some painting techniques at the beginning of class before working on their final piece that they had sketched prior to class. In general water color is difficult, but Ms. Ross made it enjoyable and I think the kids learned a lot. 11 yrs & up. Have to be willing to put in a little effort.

Lisa B.on May 25 about Start with Art: Alphabet Club

Ms. Sharon is amazing! She is sweet, thorough, and very engaged with each individual child. I am excited for my little one to be learning from such a caring teacher!! 
I explained to her some of the troubles I was having getting my kid to participate and her reaction and advice we're beautifully stated. 

Thank you for your dedication and hard work Ms. Sharon

Jodi K.on May 13 about Art Fundamentals : Drawing Perspective FLEX

My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed this class. She says Miss Sharon "talks to her like a kid to understand it, but like a grown-up as an artist". High praise from a 12 year old! My daughter's work has been so impressive, and it is thanks to the engaging videos, as she is willing to revisit the. The teacher gives very technical, specific feedback that is still very positive and understandable. My daughter is looking forward to finding another class with Miss Sharon!

Irina G.on May 3 about Faces, Hands, and Feet! Drawing People: Flex

My daughter's drawing improved immensely after taking Miss Sharon's course. The techniques and tips were very helpful, but I am more impressed with Miss Sharon's commitment to her students. You can tell how much she really cares and wants everyone to succeed and improve and share in her love of drawing. She's just lovely. 

Jackie M.on Apr 29 about Drawing Patterns: Radical Reptiles

My son LOVED this class. The length was perfect and he enjoyed the interaction with the teacher & other participants. He is ready and excited for another class!

Meghan R.on Apr 27 about Art Show (And Tell) P/K

This is the perfect class for little artists!! They each had a turn to show their masterpieces proudly while their friends watched. They could choose to explain their art or choose not to, whatever they were comfortable with. Sharon is a wonderful, patient teacher who is happy to teach. She keeps the children engaged and she shows them new techniques to improve their art skills. You can tell she truly loves the work she does. I would recommend Outschool and Miss Sharon to anyone looking for a fun, age appropriate class!!

Meghan R.on Apr 27 about Start With Art: Story Time

Sharon is a wonderful teacher!! She is fun to follow and she gives fantastic advice for their art projects. She entertained my children (ages 2 and 4) which is pretty impossible to do at the same time and over a computer screen no less. She is patient and listens to everything each child wants to say. She guides them with little techniques that are age appropriate and encourages them to share with their friends. I HIGHLY recommend Sharon! 10/10 class and teacher!

Dena M. on May 14, 2019 about Feet First! Starting Your Sketchbook

This was an absolutely fantastic class.  My daughter finally was able to receive some excellent instruction in art.  She was informative and encouraging, and we can’t wait to take another class!

Briana on Jul 5, 2019 about Start With Art: Story Time

My 3 year old enjoyed this class immensely! Since we were the only participants today, Sharon made sure to tailor the time to suit Eowyn's very conversational learning style. 

We will certainly be coming back if Sharon hosts anymore art classes for Eowyn's age group.

Bethany on Jul 10, 2019 about Feet First! Starting Your Sketchbook

My 12 year old enjoyed the class and I enjoyed how encouraging Sharon was!

Kris F. on Aug 26, 2019 about Start With Art: Story Time

We LOVE Ms. Karmen!  She interacts with the kids so well, and they adore her!  She compliments everyone's artwork and makes them feel so good about themselves.  What a great art teacher she is! 

Angela W. on Mar 10 about Paint the Galaxy: Watercolor

This was my teen daughters first class using Outschool.  She enjoyed learning more techniques for watercolor painting.  Ms. Sharon was helpful and my daughter loved painting the galaxy.  Right after she finished the class she decided to paint a second one. 

Wendy P. on Mar 14 about Paint the Galaxy: Watercolor

My boys thoroughly enjoyed this class, and are very happy with the artwork they have created as a result of it. 

Jennifer L. on Apr 7 about Feet First! Starting Your Sketchbook

Lainee would have liked to have a higher screen of the instructors drawing but o really she liked it, 

Sharon Rosson Apr 7

Thank you so much for the feedback! I will be sure to make adjustments to ensure the desk camera is more visible moving forward. It was a pleasure to draw with Lainee today

Annabelle T. on Apr 14 about Sight and Sound: Painting to Music

The idea is so cool! My son really enjoyed it and was very engaged. He learned about lines and squiggly lines and triangles. The music also teaches fast and slow. It was fun to pull out the paints. Thanks for the class!

Jenni F.on Apr 21 about Faces, Hands, and Feet! Drawing People: Flex

Brand new teacher BUT her class is exceptionally WELL DONE. My daughter learnt so many useful artistic skills. The teacher was very interactive and quick to respond to requests. Exceptional FLEX class!