Ages 6-9

Drawing Patterns: Radical Reptiles

Grab your favourite drawing materials and a sketchbook and lets get ready to draw some radical reptiles with playful patterns!

In this one time live class learners will combine reptile shapes and patterns to create a page of fun and quirky reptile characters. Learners will explore shape, line, color, shading, composition, and space.

Learners in this class will come away with an exploration of artistic concepts and won’t even realize they have tackled a few key elements of design. Learners will be able to take away skills of planning, decision making , and executing a full page of drawings.


Art Show (And Tell) JR

In this live one time meeting, learners will share an artwork created outside of class with the teacher and their peers while developing artistic language and building confidence.

Are your sketchbooks overflowing with art? Are you super proud of a drawing or painting or sculpture you created and want to share your accomplishments with other artists? In this one time live class learners will be guided through an online art show and tell. This is an opportunity for your to reflect on the art that you made in the previous week and select a piece to show and discuss. Learners will take turns to show and talk about their work and will be promoted by questions about materials and subject. This class will focus on sharing, artistic language, and building confidence.


How Does Your Garden Grow? Jr.

Learning flower structures and functions as we create the perfect spring flower garden

Join me for this one time session where we will use drawing to create a beautiful flower garden. We will examine flower specimens and identify four major parts of the flower, talk about function, and location of the parts. We will look at size, shape, and color of flowers and use this knowledge to create original art pieces. Learners will not have homework and no previous experience is required. Learners will go away with an original drawing and the inspiration to observe and examine the flowers they see every day.


Let’s Create: An Inspiration Journal (FLEX)

In this 6 week FLEX class we will start and develop an important tool for any budding artist, an inspiration journal!

In this flexible schedule art course learners will create and develop an inspiration journal, an important tool for all creative artists. Using drawing exercises, demonstrations, collections and sharing of resources in the classroom, learners will discover the elements of art and design each week including line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space.

Week #1 – Starting our inspiration journal – what is it for and how do we use it?
Week #2 – Let’s study line. Are there lines in the real world? Let’s talk about how lines are important to art.
Week #3 – Identifying and using shape in art. How shape builds composition.
Week #4 – Colour and Value . Looking at colour wheels and value scales and how they make us feel.
Week #5 – Lets look at form and space and how they create visual harmony!
Week #6 – Totally Textured – using drawing techniques to create texture.

How the class will be structured:
Each week learners will be given video demonstrations, prompts for discussion via flipgrid, and collaborative activities via nearpod. Learners will work through the exercises with each other to explore the weekly learning focus and share that work in the classroom. Learners to this classroom will want to be comfortable with posting photos and videos and parental assistance may be needed to navigate the tech for some learners.
Learners will be expected to seek out materials in their lives such as old photos, magazines to cut and tear, fabric scraps, print outs from online resources, and so on. Parental guidance will be strongly urged for collection and repurpose of materials.
In this program we will draw inspiration from the world around us and we will talk about the elements of art that we like to create and explore.