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Faces Hands and Feet! Drawing People


Fanart Friday: Digital Drawing

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Learn to Draw Illustrated Maps for Fantasy Worlds

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Outschool Ambassador Info

Hello artists!
Do your young artists take regular classes on OUTSCHOOL?

The application for community ambassadors is once again open.

Here is the information below:

Outschool Ambassador Info
·We’re looking for parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who want to be a part of our ambassador for the Outschool community. Each day new families join the Outschool community, and we think that who would be better to welcome them into the Outschool community than you, fellow Outschool users! Do you remember when you landed on the Outschool platform and the questions you had? Our community of ambassadors can help new families get settled into the community by encouraging community members to come together, share our stories, and help each other grow.What is an Outschool Ambassador?An Outschool Ambassador is a dedicated member of our parent community. You are someone who loves to help others. You provide quick and helpful answers to questions, and you make people feel welcome in the community, allowing them to open up and share. You are honest and respectful, giving feedback in a way that is constructive and kind.What is required?

  • We’re looking for parents who KNOW Outschool. Your kids take classes with on Outschool regularly, and you are aware of the ins and outs of the registration process and more!
  • We’re looking for parents who want to share their input with Outschool. You will have the opportunity to regularly share feedback with Outschool to help us make the community better.
  • We’re looking for parents who already share Outschool with their friends, family, and neighbors or who are willing to share. Don’t worry; we won’t have you handing out fliers about Outschool. We’re more focused on your willingness to be a parent voice for Outschool when the opportunity arises.
  • For this round of ambassadors, we’re looking for parents who hang out on Facebook regularly. Being a parent ambassador means being part of some of the conversations in Outschool Online Learning Community, housed on Facebook.

Why should I be an Ambassador?

  • As an Ambassador, you’ll get insider access to new initiatives and developments at Outschool.
  • We’ll come together in a private community for ambassadors to communicate with each other and with Outschool staff.
  • Swag! 😎

I’m interested! Now what? Please fill out this questionnaire! We have a limited number of Ambassador spots, and knowing who you are and why you’re interested will help us determine if it’s a good match.Our only requirements are (1) at least one of your learners has attended at least one Outschool class in the past three months, and (2) your family is planning to continue using Outschool. A third requirement is that you love Outschool! If you’ve read this far, we already assumed that you do. 😊If that’s you, let us know more about yourself here. Please apply by November 20, 2020.Thank you so much. We hope to hear from you soon!

October Ink Drawing

It’s that time of year again; fall is here and the weather is changing and artists are digging out their dip pens, favourite inks, and sketchbooks in preperation for a month long drawing challenge.

If your young learner is looking for a great way to get involved in October Ink Drawing Challenges without relying on social media to participate, and you’d like them to infuse some core art concepts into their learning I am excited to offer a program just for you.

Outside the age range or just looking for some accountability? Be sure to keep an eye on the blog for time lapse shares throughout the month and a wrap up in early November.

31 October Ink Drawings Accountability Club (Flex)

31 October Ink Drawings: Accountability Club (Flex)

Flexible Schedule Course 31 Days, 31 Drawings. In this 5 week Flex program the teacher and learners will experiment with ink drawings while following the popular INKTOBER prompts.This is a challenge to improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits.

Class Experience

In this flexible schedule program learners and the teacher together will explore the world of ink drawing and art practice as we work through the prompts of Inktober, a global artistic movement that takes place every October.
Materials will be presented each week with video demonstrations, prompts sheets, and studio style lecture.

From the website: “Inktober is about growing and improving and forming positive habits”

What will learners gain from joining this accountability flex class?
Learners will explore different ink materials, applications, and techniques. Learners will inspire one another to continue and be consistent.

This class is ideal for learners who are serious about their art practice and skill improvements who perhaps do not wish to participate in social media but need inspiration, prompts, accountability, a deeper look into ink explorations, and a smaller artistic community.
Learners will use flipgrid to communicate introductions and respond to prompts during Week 3, 4, and 5.

Week 1: We will look at planning, prompts, and materials.
Week 2: We will explore best practices for daily art exercises.
We will talk about ‘blank page fright’ also known as ‘artist block’
Week 3: We will explore ink technique stippling and value.
Week 4: We will practice cross hatching.
Week 5: We will look at ink resist techniques

In this class learners will be expected to post their work to the classroom regularly. Learners can choose to post daily, every second day, or weekly.

This goal if this class is daily practice so consistency is key. Drawing every day is the crux of this class and so while this may seem like an intensive class, each drawing can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes – the time spent on each drawing is up to the artist.

Learners are encouraged to work in their own unique style or see this as an opportunity to explore new styles. This class is ideal for the experienced artist but can be enjoyed by learners who are newer to drawing but willing to learn from their own progress.