New Teen Drawing Class

Infuse a little Disney style into your art during this one time drawing class where we examine facial expressions and exaggerated proportions. Grab your sketchbook and let’s study cartoon faces inspired by classical animation.

In this one time live drawing class learners will look at drawing a cartoon representation of themselves or people they know while examining the distinctive characteristics of Disney style characters. We will NOT be copying characters but rather infusing distinctive Disney traits into our own drawing practice.

We will cover:
Pencil types – leads – searching and commitment lines
Faces – angles and expressions – exaggeration – reference
Ink drawing – types of inks – line weight – contour lines
Colour – dry media – alcohol markers – coloured pencils.

Learners will work along side the teacher but be working on individual art pieces. This is a technique class and the emphasis will be on process as we work towards a finished goal, however a piece may be finished after class time.

This program would be ideal for learners who have an understanding of drawing and proportion, who are open to artistic development, who are comfortable being on camera and sharing their work in a small class. We are here to support one another and the classroom atmosphere will focus on being supportive to all skill levels.

For more info, scheduling, or sign up info please visit the class page HERE


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