New Class Coming Soon

In this six week asynchronous learning program learners will be guided through the ins and outs of working with watercolours to create both sketchbook studies and a finished painting. Using a combination of discussion, demonstration, research, and games, we will explore techniques, types of watercolours, papers, and grounds. We will research various modern artists who use watercolours and the techniques they use.
Techniques we will cover include: Wash, Wet on wet, Resist, Drybrush, Desaturation , Lifting, Painting direct Drawing experience will be helpful but not required.
Learners can expect teacher demonstrations, in class exercises, and links to reference for extended learning opportunities. Learner participation in class is vital to success in this program. Along with the teacher, learners will share research results, inspiration and free use reference images.
Week 1: Watercolour types, materials, papers, uses
Week 2: Inspiration, reference materials, plein air and planned paintings
Week 3: colour theory, colour mixing, value scales, colour combinations
Week 4: Get out and paint! – Watercolours on the go
Week 5 & Week 6 : Start to Finish – creating a wonderful watercolour painting.
Learners in this program should have a keen interest in watercolours and art technique.
This is not a step-by-step program, learners will come away from this program with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue watercolours beyond the classroom.

For more information about this class, supplies needed, or how to enroll, please message.


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